United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands


The Cayman Islands have become a popular destination for weddings! As a result, the Government has a special licensing procedure for marriage licences for tourists, in addition to the procedure for marriage by persons ordinarily resident in Cayman. Anyone wishing to be married in the Islands is advised to contact one of the Marriage Officers mentioned below or, in the case of a special licence to be issued by the Governor, the office of the Deputy Governor, Government Administration Building, George Town, Grand Cayman Islands (Tel: 345-244-2222).

All our Ministers are licensed as Marriage Officers by the Cayman Islands Government. These include the Pastors of our Congregations (see the locations of our congregations and the information page for details of these Ministers) and retired Minister, Rev. Godfrey Meghoo (Telephone (345) 947-7761). In addition to weddings for residents, which all of our Ministers perform, our retired Ministers (and, depending on the circumstances of an individual case, some of the Pastors of our Congregations) will perform wedding ceremonies for visitors. Weddings may be solemnised at locations chosen by the couple, including on Cayman’s famous beaches, as well as the traditional church wedding. Our retired Ministers will generally be able to make arrangements in advance for visitors who wish to be married on a brief trip to Grand Cayman, for example on a cruise-ship visit.

Some of the Elders of our Church are also Marriage Officers and provide wedding services, including making all arrangements or working with other wedding arrangers.

Please feel free to contact one of the above or e-mail the Council Office to be put in touch with one of these marriage officers to make arrangements for you. 

United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands