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Wednesday Dec 02, 2020
Members of the United Church have given J$230,658 as we move
towards the target of J$250,000 in donations in response to the plea for
help for communities in Bloxburgh and Bito in east rural St. Andrew in Jamaica
In November, Jamaica experienced heavy rains which caused significant damage to homes,
roads and the natural environment. Rev. Carlington Douglas, minister of Harbour View
Charge which is located in these communities, reported that persons were marooned and without food.
In response, the United Church leadership decided to purchase foodstuff on credit
so help could be provided as quickly as possible and then invited the United Church
membership to donate funds to pay for the goods which had been secured. 

BEYOND THE PULPIT-Providing a space for leadership discussion of issues of faith in community
Christian economics begins with the theological premise that ultimately it is a
good and loving God who supplies all our needs and ends with questions of who is
my neighbour and what can we do so that all may have life in abundance? This
premise precludes any idea that legitimizes ill-gotten gain or the hoarding of goods

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CELEBRATING LESLEY - Faith and Diligence

Wednesday Nov 25, 2020
Dilligence and faith —are hallmarks of the
legacy of Lesley Hare, Communication and Information Technology
Coordinator, UCJCI, whose sojourn in this life ended on Wednesday November
18, 2020. As expressions of sorrow and shock at Lesley’s passing poured in through the
communication channels of UCJCI, notably they were sterling tributes to the life of
this young woman.

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Wednesday Nov 18, 2020
2 Chronicles 20: 1-7
What do you do and to whomdo you turn when life throws you one
problem after another?
Worry and fear are two options chosen by many. However, God presents us with
an alternative…trust. You
see, worry and fear are crippling emotions. Trust and
faith are centers of confidence, conviction and hope.

LEADERSHIP CORNER -What’s the Purpose of Pastors?
(Part 2)
What the Bible Says About Pastors?
The Bible assures us that pastors
exist to shepherd God’s people
in local churches until Christ returns (1 Peter 5:1-5). The calling
of the pastor is inextricably tied
to the biblical metaphor of a
shepherd tending to his flock of
sheep. Alexander Strauch says,
“If we want to understand Christian elders and their work, we
must understand the biblical imagery of shepherding. As keepers
of sheep, New Testament elders
are to protect, feed, lead and care
for the flock’s many practical

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Wednesday Nov 11, 2020
What makes us human beings among
other things is our inability to effectively and
efficiently read the unfolding of our times and
our seasons. Our short sightedness is oftentimes manifested
through our failure to adequately respond and
handle issues and experiences that catch us by surprise. 

UTCWI Appoints New Chairman
At it recent sitting, the Board of Governors of
the United Theological College of the West Indies
(UTCWI), appointed Dr. Beverley Pereira, as its Chairman for
the period 2020-2021. She holds the distinction of being the first
woman to hold this position since the founding of the College
in 1966.

LEADERSHIP CORNER-What’s the Purpose of Pastors?
The Bible knows nothing of lone Christians, of believers who are
willfully independent from a local church. Rather, Christians gather
in communities to worship together and serve one another. And as God
commands his people to gather in community, he also commands them
to be led—led by men called and qualified as pastors or elders (terms the
Bible uses interchangeably). As we progress through a series of questions
about things we as Christians often take for granted, we now come to the
question of church leadership and ask, “What’s the purpose of pastors?”

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Wednesday Nov 04, 2020
In the midst of the pandemic, we are
even more so called to bear witness to Christ
and His redeeming love for all of humanity.
Psalm 34:1-10,22 is known as the Benedicam Dominum –
I will always bless the Lord
We offer prayers for persons confirmed positive
and express condolence for the with the families of
the persons who have died as a result of COVID-19

LEADERSHIP CORNER - The Church Leader’s Brain in the COVID Crisis: 5 Tips
Church leaders today are scrambling to find creative, innovative, and workable strategies,
plans, and ideas to minister in our Covid crisis. I appreciate the plethora
of blogs, podcasts, video-casts, and seminars offered to help us respond
well. However, there is a fundamental process that precedes 100% of all ideas.
And what is that process? Thinking. 

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Wednesday Oct 28, 2020
A cross the world approximately 80
million Christians belonging to the World
Communion of Reformed Churches on
Sunday October 26 paused to remember,
reflect and celebrate the Reformation.
While the process of the reformation started long
before Martin Luther’s posting of his 95 theses on
the Wittenberg church door in Germany, his theses ignited a revolution
that lead to the reforming of the Church then that continues to this very day.

LEADERSHIP CORNER -9 Evidences That Popularity and Fame Are
Getting the Best of You

I write to my own heart
first today. I can easily fall
into the trap of ego, and I
can just as easily long for more
recognition. I try to monitor
my heart, but my heart can be
deceitful at times. Maybe these
characteristics I watch for in
my own life will challenge you
as well:

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Wednesday Oct 21, 2020
This COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into difficult decisions
and actions which have removed from our lives and living the notion of 
normality. So some of us wrestle with the difficult
task of self-or stateimposed quarantine. These are not normal
times. Many of us long for normality to return, for access to our sources of
comfort, entertainment,social interaction and inspiration. All of us long
for the day when this COVID-19 pandemic will breathe its last.

LEADERSHIP CORNER- Jesus: The Role Model for Christian Leadership
What is Servant Leadership? It is the focus on the growth of the
individual, that they might flourish and achieve their full potential and
not primarily the growth and potential of the organization, that
distinguishes servant leadership from other leadership styles. The
primary concern of the servant leader is service to their followers.
In the secular business schools, it was Robert Greenleaf who, in the
early 1970s, proposed the servant leader model. However, the concept
of a servant leader is not such a modern concept, but can be found in the
biblical account of the life of Jesus Christ. By examining His model,
we can identify a Christcentred, Christ-like servant leadership style
that works for Christians who lead people in any situation.

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A Tribute To A Dynamic Man Of Faith

Wednesday Oct 14, 2020
In a seasn when the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands
is resolute in its efforts to assert anew the theological principle of the priesthood
of all believers, the life and witness of the late Rev. Keith Livingstone Gordon bears
indisputable testimony to the efficacy of this principle.

LEADERSHIP CORNER- Defining Leadership: What Is It and Why Does It Matter in Church?
"Great men lead people", Bill Bright of Campus Crusdae for Christ said. "But greater men train leaders"

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Emerging from the Pandemic Stronger and More Resilient

Wednesday Oct 07, 2020
“Imagine with me that the Coronavirus pandemic is
over. A suitable vaccine has been developed.
It has been equitably distributed throughout the
nations, and our lives are back to normal. In what
state do you wish to be, then, when it is over
– the storm has passed, the winds have subsided and
the earth is dry?

LEADERSHIP CORNER- Adding Value to Your Team
Leadership is a complicated and difficult skill, one
that no single person ever masters. There are
some things I do well as a leader and some I do poorly. I’m sure it is
the same for you. Even the greatest leaders from history had blind
spots and weak areas.

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Rev. Dr. Margaret Fowler’s Library Handed Over to the IUC

Wednesday Sep 30, 2020
A tangible expression of far-reaching
contribution to the building of communities
and the wider society, the library of the late Rev. Dr.
Margaret Fowler was handed over to the
UCJCI’s International University of the Caribbean on August 26, 2020. 

Leadership Corner-Leaders Are Needed at Every Level of the Organization 

The difference between two equally talented teams is
leadership. Leadership is what makes the difference at every
level of the organization. Everything rises and falls on leadership. It
really does. If you don’t believe it, just put together a group of people
without a leader, and watch them. They will drift. When there is no
good leader on a team, in a department, at the top of an organization,
or heading a family, then the following results are inevitable.

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