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UCJCI WOMEN’S FELLOWSHIP President General’s Message January 22, 2023

My Dear Sisters,
Happy New Year! I greet you warmly in the name of Jesus Christ our source of life. Today, marks the beginning of Women’s Fellowship week under the theme “Women Rooted in Christ – Bearing Fruits.” This comes at a time when women, locally and globally are impacted negatively by the war between Russia and Ukraine, increased in the price of commodities, increased violence against women and children, breakdown in family life and morale, significant increases in health issues relating to the spread of the Corona Virus over the past three years, states failing and have failed to protect children and other vulnerable populations, women being denied their right to an education and the church being challenged in its ministry to children and youth. In this time too immorality is at its highest. More women are turning to a life of crime and other acts of immorality for survival. All these have had the greatest impact on women who are the bearer of children, nurturer and carer of the family. How then do we as women rooted in Christ and bearing fruit respond to these challenges?
As we respond to the various needs involving our women, we will try to accomplish these goals through the following: Building capacity through leadership and spiritual programmes, training and other activities; incorporating evangelism in all our programmes and events; promoting an inclusive culture, where all women are welcomed; encouraging fellowship among sisters, auxiliaries and communities; social outreach programmes –parenting conference and advocating for the rights of women and children through various media. Sisters, we can accomplish these, more than we ever thought possible, through the reliance on the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in and works through us.
Our theme: “Women Rooted in Christ – Bearing Fruits,” is declaring that we are attached to Christ, being nourished by Him, and bearing fruits. If we are rooted in Christ, we have acknowledged and recognized Jesus as our source of life and Salvation. It means that we trust God to lead us, to provide for us, to protect us, and to equip us to face the challenges of this world. Sisters, we can only be rooted in Christ if we are reading, studying, meditating on God’s Word daily. We are rooted in Christ when we spend time praying, fasting, worshipping and doing His will. When we are rooted in Christ, we are able to stand against the plans and plots of the devil because we know who we are and whose we are.
John 15:5 reads, “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” If we are rooted, we have remained in Christ, are bearing fruit and are totally trusting and dependent on Him for everything in our lives. It means humbling ourselves before God and acknowledging that we need him and without him we can do nothing. When we are bearing fruit my sisters, we love God, are growing together in fellowship, serving others, sharing Christ with others and journeying to full commitment.

As women rooted in Christ, we continue the celebration of 30 years of union as UCJCI Women’s Fellowship with the hosting of some special activities: On Monday, a special presentation on Mental Health; Tuesday, a time of prayer and fasting and on Thursday we will be reminiscing, celebrating and giving thanks for Women’s Fellowship Legacy over 30 years. Hoping you will all join us online each evening at 6:30pm.
Have a blessed and joyful week and spread the love of Christ with our brothers and sisters, not just physically, but also spiritually as this is the food, they need the most and often times don’t realize it.
My dear sisters, when you are Rooted in Christ-Bearing Fruits, you are building on a foundation that cannot be uprooted, you are unshakeable.
By Love Serve!
Sis. Cheryl Shaw
President General

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