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UCJCI Strategic Priorities 2021-2023

(Health, Opportunity, Peace, Evangelism)

This document sets out the assignment of the Synod Priorities and Resolutions to the various standing committees, commissions and task forces under the headings of Worship, Witness and Work.

It identifies and then lists the priorities under each heading in a table and indicates what should be the focus at the congregational, regional (RMC) and synodical (Committees, Commissions, Task Forces) levels.

We invite congregations/charges and regions to place emphasis on the priorities listed in the tables, which will be supported by the work of the committees, commissions and task forces.


Strategic Planning for Mission
• Priority 1 Worship and Bible Study – online worship, training, congregational life
• Priority 4 Congregational Ministries - rebranding/renaming the auxiliaries, adult ministries
• Evangelism Webinar

Church and Ministry
• Worship – in collaboration with Strategic Planning and Constitution and Doctrine to offer guidance and resources for worship in the digital space as well as specific ministries to specific groups (Children, youth, elderly, men)
• Discipleship – develop and provide an effective Discipleship Model for the Church through the Task Force which was mandated by the 42nd Synod
• Leadership – continue to provide support and training for those engaged in the ordained, commissioned and lay ministries of the church
Constitution and Doctrine
• Congregational Life – re-definition of membership, theological understanding of practices and symbols
• Baptism – theology and approved practices within the UCJCI

Children and Youth Commissions
• Children and Youth Ministries
• Camp Ministries

Priorities – Congregational life: Digital Worship, practices, discipleship, evangelism, age-specific ministries, leadership and training,

Level  Worship Priorities
Congregation   • Continue to engage in life-giving worship
• Evangelism
• Congregational life (assess worship and leadership needs, review age-specific ministries, evangelism, maximize training opportunities)
• Discipleship
RMC   • Technology Team - assessment, networking and training for worship and nurture
• Ensuring  availability of Discipleship Resources
Synodical   • Worship resources (quarterly themes, House Church liturgy)
• Virtual bible studies
• Assessment instrument
• Definitions and practices
• Training
• Discipleship model
• Evangelism webinar


Strategic Planning for Mission
• Priority 5 Community Outreach – education, food security, relevant ministries
• Priority 6 Peace Programmes – local and regional
• Priority 7 Collaboration – networking, advocacy, resources sharing, ethical and moral issues

Church and Ministry & Constitution and Doctrine
• Abortion
• Human Sexuality

• Resolution 5 - Food Security
• Land Lease – to provide a listing of available properties to RMCs and work collaboratively with UCME

Education Commission
• Education matters in relation to the pandemic

Priorities – Ministry, Advocacy through outreach, Peace, food security, land use, education. Addressing our witness on moral issues including abortion and human sexuality.
Level Witness Priorities
Congregation • Community outreach ministries
• Peace initiatives
• Food security
• Education support
RMC • Land use - identifying locations for leases, development
• Peace initiatives
• Education
Synodical • Food Security
• Advocacy regarding education issues (connectivity, best practices)
• Moral issues
• Peace initiatives


Strategic Planning for Mission
• Priority 2 Technology - connectivity, equipment, training, communications unit
• Priority 3 Ministry – recruitment, charge structure, lay leadership
• Resolution 8 and Priority 8 Data – train persons and equip congregations with the necessary tools and competences

Constitution and Doctrine and Education Commission
• Synod Resolution 1, Benefits for full and partial scholarships at UCJCI’s Educational Institutions to include Full-time Lay Pastors

Priorities – Technology, data, recruitment, restructuring of charges, leadership, benefits.

Level Work Priorities
Congregation • Maximize training opportunities
• Use technology to maximize ministry efficiency
• Recruitment for ministry
• Assessing technology needs
• Assessing data needs/gaps
RMC • Assessment and realignment of congregations and charges
• Assessment of leadership and resource needs
Synodical • Data gathering forms
• Assessment instruments
• Work of the RMC
• Leadership recruitment
• Training
• Guide for year-to-year ministry
• Ministry benefits

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