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Human Rights Commission Congratulations and Appreciation to Members

The Reverend Donovan Myers, Minister of our Savannah United Church, has been appointed a member of The Cayman Islands Human Rights Commission for a period of three years, with effect from 1 April, 2014. In announcing the appointment, the Commission noted that Rev. Myers has spent over twenty years serving the church and working on education and community development projects, focusing specifically on challenging issues such as drug abuse, HIV/AIDS, violent crimes and homelessness. It also highlighted that he has a personal interest in human rights and justice and was a member of the former Human Rights Committee. He has been Minister at Savannah since 2004 and also currently serves as the Chair of the National Youth Commission of the Cayman Islands. The whole United Church joins in congratulating Rev. Myers on this appointment and in thanking him for his service to our wider community in this and other roles. Rev. Myers humbly noted, in regard to his new appointment, that he will need much prayer support from his brothers and sisters in both the United Church and the wider church. No one is likely to disagree with that as it is obvious that the work of the Human Rights Commission has been growing exponentially and will continue to become increasingly challenging.  

In this regard the Church also wishes to sincerely thank Mr. Richard Coles, of Elmslie Memorial United Church, whose four-year term as the first Chairman of the Commission expired on 1st January 2014. Initiating the work of this cornerstone of Cayman’s still new Bill of Rights and of other key areas of our 2009 Constitution, was obviously a groundbreaking challenge, and privilege, and we are all indebted to Mr. Coles and the other initial members of the Commission for their efforts and dedication. 

Established under Section 116 of the Cayman Islands Constitution, The Human Rights Commission replaced the Human Rights Committee. The Commission lists its primary responsibility as being to promote understanding and observance of human rights in the Cayman Islands. Furtehr details, including its annual reports for the first four years of its operation, can be found on www.humanrightscommission.ky.

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