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Lifetime Achievement Award for “Ms. Janilee” - Golden Apple for Mr. Rennie

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, which is responsible for the Golden Apple Awards for Excellence in Teaching in the Cayman Islands, has announced that at the 2013 Awards Ceremony, “Mrs. Janilee Clifford, a stalwart in education, was bestowed the Golden Apple Lifetime Achievement Award amidst a roar of applause and praises”!

Anyone who knows Ms. Janilee, as she is widely known throughout Cayman (and beyond), will not have been surprised by this – either by her receiving the Award or by the “roar of applause and praises”! For over a long career in the classroom, including many years at our own Cayman Prep,  she was a ‘favourite teacher’ to so many students. She started her teaching career as a substitute teacher in 1965 and moved fulltime to Cayman Prep in 1968, from which she retired in 1996, having served as a Department Head in the Primary Section for the last few years.

Even after retiring from the day to day classroom activities, Ms. Janilee has continued to be  graciously involved in education, invigilating for examinations and filling in as a substitute teacher in both public and private schools. The Chamber programme for the Awards Evening (cover pictured) also notes that,  "A true pioneer for education, Mrs. Clifford was also one of the authors of the Cayman Islands social studies text books for primary schools." 

Her success as a teacher who has been so well loved and respected is no doubt due to the fact that she simply loves children and young people, deeply and passionately. Of course, she loves people – period! A long serving Member, Elder, and Leader in other ways, in the United Church and its Robert Young Memorial Congregation,  she has also been honoured for her many years of work with older persons in both the Church and the wider Cayman community, as well as working to preserve the history and heritage of our country, and in many other activities. 

An explanation by the Chamber notes that, “The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented to a visionary leader whose lifelong commitment to the development of education in the Cayman Islands has been exemplary. The recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award must have served a minimum of 25 years in the field of education and made a significant and lasting contribution to improving the educational environment in the Cayman Islands.”

At the Awards Ceremony on 30th November, the Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Education for 2013 for a High School Teacher in a Private School went to Mr. David Rennie, Head of Mathematics  at Cayman Prep & High School. Mr. Rennie too is a highly respected, sought after and much loved teacher, long recognised for his skill in helping his students to gain a clear understanding of, and appreciation for, mathematics and so gain excellent results at all levels (often with extra work and tutoring on Saturdays, for which he is also well known!).

The aim of the Golden Apple Awards programme is “to recognise educators for their outstanding dedication to the teaching profession, often going beyond lesson plans and classroom interactions to see to the success of each of their students.” The United Church knows how true this is of both Ms. Janilee and Mr. Rennie and is honoured to have them within the Church family; we offer both of them our sincere and deepest congratulations and appreciation. We also wish to say a big “Thank You” to all the recipients of this year’s Golden Apple Awards , Mr. Rennie, Ms. Janilee and those from the public and other private schools, for their exemplary dedication in enhancing the minds and lives of students over the years. We pray God’s continued blessings on all of you as you continue to provide young people with great opportunities to realise the potential with which God has blessed each of them.

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