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United Church Members well represented in 2013 Honours

United Church Members, past and present, were amongst those who were honoured on Cayman Islands National Heroes Day 28th January 2013, while Mr. Leonard Ebanks, Council’s longstanding Cayman Synod Treasurer/Chair of Finance & Property,  was awarded the OBE (Officer of the British Empire) in the Queen’s New Years Honours. 

Those receiving Order of the Cayman Islands’ Medals on National Heroes Day were:

Lay Pastor John Macmillan - Medal of Honour – Officer of the Order of the Cayman Islands
Ms. Francine Jackson – Medal of Merit – Gold
Ms. Alex O’Neil - Medal of Merit – Gold
Ms. Jane Elizabeth Ramoon – Medal of Merit – Gold
Ms. Nettie Bush – Medal of Merit – Silver
Ms. Thelda Sue Whittaker – Medal of Merit – Silver
Ms. Mary Emily Wilks – Long Service Award (Civil Service)

Though not a member of the United Church, we also wish to especially recognise and add our thanks to Mrs. Dorrette Armstrong who served with distinction as a much loved and highly respected teacher of our Cayman Prep and High School for 30 years and was honoured with the Medal of Honour – Member.

This year’s Heroes Day was focused on “Honouring Youth Service Pioneers” and our members who were amongst those honoured in this way were:

“Early Pioneers”
Ms. Una Bush (D),    Ms. Pearl Carte (D) Cert. Hon.,   Ms. Iva Good MBE,
Rev. John Gray (D) MBE, Ms. Elizabeth Hurlston MBE, Cert. Hon.   Ms. Janet McCoy (D),
Ms. Olive Miller MBE, Cert Hon., JP, Mr. Ernest Panton MBE,    Ms. G. Evangelyn Rankin,
Ms. Una Marie Rankine (D),  Ms. Ena Watler (D),    Ms. Vernicia Watler Cert. Hon., JP,
Ms. Theoline Wellington Cert. Hon.

Ms. Marjorie Beckles (D) Cert. Hon., Ms. Marisa Crawford Cert. Hon.,  Ms. Brenda Dawkin,
Ms. Louise Dibben,   Ms. Katherine Jackson Cert. Hon. , Ms. Effie Johnson MBE,
Ms. Jennifer King,   Ms. Virginia McCoy (D) JP,   Ms. Joan McField,
Ms. Debra McLaughlin,   Ms. Sherry Lee McLaughlin,   Ms. Gwenda McLean,
Mr. Oswell Rankine JP. 

Emerging Pioneers and Long Service in Youth Services 

At the National Heroes Day Ceremony, the Minister with responsibility for Youth announced a long list of persons who had been honoured also the past weekend as “Emerging Pioneers” or for Long Service in Youth Services, or by scrolls of remembrance in the case of deceased leaders, and once again our Members were very widely represented. 

In his speech at the ceremony, the Governor referred to a quotation to the effect that ‘anyone who works with children is a hero’; that is probably one thing anyone who has given any thought to the effect and challenges of ‘raising up a child in the way s/he should go’ could likely agree with. A very humbling and thoughtful prayer for the youth of the country was offered up by Mr. Kyle McLean, and children and teens from numerous churches, schools and youth organisations ably participated in various ways in the ceremony and parade.

The United Church is honoured and humbled by, and deeply thankful for, the exemplary dedication and service of these many members present and past, and the Girls Brigade leaders from other Denominations, who have been honoured by the Nation for selflessly giving of themselves in the service of Christ, to the betterment of Country, Community, and Christ.

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