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Cayman Prep and High School Appreciation Service

The 2012 Annual Service of Appreciation for the Cayman Prep and High School and its staff was held this year at Elmslie United Church on Sunday 14th October. Mr. John Macmillan, the Vice-Chair of the Cayman Islands Regional Mission Council of the Church brought greetings and words of appreciation on behalf of Council. Mr. Macmillan noted that while it is true that there is always space for improvement in any human institution, the Church recognises that there is certainly much to be thankful for in regard to this major mission of the church. He emphasised that “we continue to build on the legacy of our founding parents, whose vision for excellence in the lives of the people they served, still holds true today. We are often mistaken that by separating Church and School we can do better, but us partnering together can only take us beyond what we could ever imagine or dream about. To this end, the Church renews its commitment to support the mission of the school - offering our continued prayers and pledging to “being” present alongside you, the educators in our school. Of course, the United Church remains resolute in its mandate to promote the highest quality education in all its Institutions, here in Grand Cayman and Jamaica. We stand even more resolute to provide a balanced offering to our school’s Staff and Students - spiritually, socially, mentally and educationally.”

Mr. Macmillan also extended a special welcome the new Director, Mr Paul Grisewood, who also later responded on behalf of the School. In expressing the Church’s appreciation, Mr. Macmillan went on to say that the Church is “grateful to you, the dedicated and hardworking Staff at the Cayman Prep and High School, Mrs. Sheila Purdom, Mr. Brian Wilson and the distinguished teachers, administrative and ancillary staff who have led us to this point in history. We are equally grateful to the parents/guardians of our students, who by sending their children to us are saying that we trust you to play that critical role in the development and nurture of our children’s lives.” He made special mention of the outstanding success in the last year of our  students in their external exams, which saw them setting new  records; with 100% of students getting at least 5 passes in the I/GCSE examinations at the top grades of A*-C, their continued excelling in sports and the performing arts, as well as the generosity of spirit engendered in the students and exhibited in their ongoing support of various charitable endeavours, and the overall good behaviour of the students, among many other reasons for thankfulness and appreciation.

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