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Elmslie - Reaching Out Across and Over the Waters

The George Town Charge’s newsletter for August is filled with reports of interesting Missions recently undertaken across the seas, from Jamaica, where a group visited our Church’s Mt. Olivet Boys Home (picture on the left), to South East Asia, with a wonderful story out of Haiti as well ...

Posted by: Administrator Wednesday Jul 29, 2015 13:10
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Upcoming Overseas Mission Trips – opportunities to share or participate

There are a number of mission trip opportunities in the pipeline this year by our local congregations: Elmslie Minister and members have plans for: Visit to Southeast Asia in May to visit both two Cayman missionaries currently based there and a local mission leader in one of the countries, who ...

Posted by: Administrator Thursday Mar 26, 2015 15:01
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Update from our Haiti Mission

Our long-serving Missionary Nurse to Haiti, Mrs. Joan Page Bain, has recently sent an update on the recent activities of our Church’s mission in Haiti, which under Joan’s guidance has expanded over the years beyond the direct medical services of the original Clinic. It now includes ...

Posted by: Administrator Thursday Jan 02, 2014 09:00
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Haiti still needs our prayers - and material support

Haiti still needs our prayers and our material support as they continue to struggle with the needs of the homeless from the earthquake (exacerbated now by the outbreak of cholera and the affects of the hurricane season) and the other challenges of the people there. The United Church's appeal (see ...

Posted by: Administrator Sunday Nov 14, 2010 14:18
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