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In the United Church, camps have long been an effective way to expose children and teenagers to the teachings of Christ and God’s love and righteousness in a fun setting that also provides a sense of excitement for the young person – it allows him/her to be away from home, with his/her peers, in a supervised environment with proper boundaries for wholesome living. (Text continues below photos - plus info on this year's Camps, registration forms and other downloads.)

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 United Church Summer Camps Cayman Islands

Many of the Church’s Ministers as well as a number of lay leaders made their commitment to Christ at a camp! These persons often feel a special call from Christ to help other young people experience that joy of committing one’s life to Christ. And so the leaders are often these same Ministers and lay people - and Christian formation is a big part and objective of our camps ministry.
But it is also meant to be educational in other ways, and a fun time for active young people. So, many activities are incorporated into the week (5 days and nights really).
Please consider joining, or if you are a parent, having your child participate in, the Teen’s or Children’s Camp this year. While there is a fee, the cost is heavily subsidised by the United Church. For more information, and to print the registration forms for completion and registering at one of our congregations, please click on the links below:
Information for parents - and about the Camps - & Things to Bring
Camp Rules
Registration & Medical Form – required for both camps

Please print wisely, as a good steward of God's creation! Only those items you really need a paper copy of; and use both sides of the paper.

If you are a member of the United Church and feel that God is calling you to help in this Ministry, please complete the attached Leader’s Registration Form and Covenant and take it to your Minister to discuss and have him/her sign and give to the Camp Directors. 

United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands