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CWM Missionaries Visit CIRMC

CWM Missionaries Rev. Elizabeth Chirwa and Lay Pastor William Chirwa visited the Cayman Islands Regional Mission Council (CIRMC) as the special facilitators of the Elders' Training that took place on November 19, 2016. Lay Pastor William Chirwa led the worship and reflection in the opening session of the training, which was followed by in depth discussion on Evangelism facillitated by Rev. Elizabeth Chirwa.

“Evangelism helps you to grow personally; as you pray for others you grow. When you talk to others about Jesus it grows your faith!” – Rev. Elizabeth Chirwa

The Chirwas also participated in the services of both the Robert Young Memorial United Church and Savannah United Church, in which they shared powerful and thought provoking sermons with the respective Congregations. Both Rev. Elizabeth Chirwa and Lay Pastor William Chirwa have been working with the United Church for the past eleven years, they will return to their home church the United Church of Zambia in 2017. Sunday November 20, 2016 was also the last Sunday that Rev. Thuara (also a CWM Missionary) will worship with the Savannah United Church Congregation after two and a half years of ministry with the Church. He will begin his journey home to the Presbyterian Church of India on November 28, 2016. Rev. Thuara served as the Youth Minister at the Savannah United Church and also helped in establishing the growing Football Ministry/Outreach at Savannah. He filled the role as the Chaplain of the Cayman Prep and High School (one of the Missions of our Council) throughout his time with our Council. We thank him for his ministry and service.
(photo from left to right: Lay Pastor William Chirwa, Rev. Dr. Yvette Noble Bloomfield (RDGS of CIRMC), Rev. Elizabeth Chirwa, and Rev. Thuara)

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United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands