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38th Synod held 16th 19th April some highlights regarding Cayman

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Yvette Noble Bloomfield is the new Moderator of the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands, after being installed at the opening service of the 38th Synod, held at Boscobel United Church on Tuesday 16th April 2013. She became only the second woman to be elected Moderator of the Synod, and later in the Synod meeting dedicated a sermon to the Rev. Dr. Adlyn White, the first female Moderator of our Church. The captioned picture shows the Rt. Rev. Dr. Noble Bloomfield delivering her Moderator’s Response after being installed by her immediate predecessor, Rev. Oliver Daley (who later received a standing ovation from the Synod for the excellence of his service to our Church, not only in what was the second time he had served as Moderator but also in 44 years as a Minister and one of the Church’s most effective and tireless servants of Christ). During the remaining days of the Synod gathering, a number of persons from the Cayman Islands Regional Mission Council were amongst those from all four Councils honoured by the Synod.

These included:
• Mr. Vernon Jackson OBE and Mrs. Francine Jackson GMM of John Gray Memorial Church, who received the Lay Person’s Awards (male and female) for their Region – see attached narratives with highlights of their service at all three levels of the Church, Congregational, Regional (Cayman) and Denominational.

• The Rev. Donovan Myers of the Robert Young - Savannah Charge, who received the Renewal and Transformation Award as the Minister in the Region who best embodied the Renewal and Transformation Programme as per the criteria established for the award.

• The Rev. Dr. Dave Hazle of the George Town Charge, who received  the Award of Merit for Evangelism through the Word from amongst the Cayman based Ministers.

• And the Rev. Tara Tyme of the West Bay Charge, who received the Award of Merit for Congregational Administration in Leading a Missional Congregation in the Cayman Region
(See narrative attached highlighting some of the key achievements of the three individual Ministers, which led to their respective awards.)

On a sadder note, but with equal thankfulness and celebration for her exemplary life of service to Christ, Church and Community, Mrs. Orilee Ebanks, late of the East End United Church, was remembered in the Memorial Service, the only former member of the Cayman Council (and thus also of Synod) who was known to have gone on to their heavenly reward during the last Synodical period. Ms. Carol Pearson, one of the two Council Representatives from the East End United Church, placed the traditional flower before the Synod in Ms. Orilee’s memory. Please see summary attached of details presented to Synod on Mrs. Orilee's service in the Church.

Mrs. Katherine Jackson, Choir Director and Organist of the John Gray Memorial United Church in West Bay, Grand Cayman, was one of the persons who accompanied Dr. Bloomfield into the service, upon the call for her to enter for the Installation. She was also accompanied by a child, Master Samuel Hibbert, which Dr. Bloomfield noted emphasised her planned focus on the Church’s Children Ministry during her term as Moderator, as well as former Moderator, the Rev. Dr. Gordon Evans.  Please click here for more details of the Synod proceedings, as highlighted the Popular Report issued by the Synod Office.

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United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands