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Elmslie squeak by Bodden Town to hold top trophy!

 The United Church Annual Sports Day returned to the Truman Sports Complex this year and the great track and spectator facilities there were matched by the beauty with which God blessed the day, making it truly a superb event for competitors and supporters of all ages. While the camaraderie of meeting together as the United Church family in Cayman, with a few visiting siblings from the Church in Jamaica, was no doubt enjoyed as much as the races and other competitions, the athletes definitely competed with vigour. It was rare to see even the littlest ones stop without completing their race – no matter how long the gap. The East End – Gun Bay competitors were often much smaller than the rest in a race but always showed great heart in ‘staying the course’! Bodden Town seemed to have given the Elmslie/George Town team a worry this year that they might not hold on to the Grand Trophy for top points overall – especially when Rev. Myers, once again announcer for the day, made the most of the drama in announcing the winner! But hold on they did – again! But Bodden Town, who fielded a large contingent and were often seen racing at the front of the pack, were only 3 points behind, despite seeming to have a smaller group of their fervent supporters driving them on this year! (Listening to and watching the ardour of the BT cheering section can be as much fun as watching the smallest children set about with determination and style! So be sure to come back in full strength next year Bodden Town supporters!) Elmslie will no doubt be thinking of this narrow edge as they get ready for Sports Day 2013, as they obviously come prepared every year, seemingly with specialists in red for each competition – even the little rider for the 'donkey race'! But next year John Gray Memorial will have a secret weapon, as one of its ladies was heard publicly committing in church to wear her running shoes, which she had left behind this year. (Was that why Savannah could take third place??!!)

It was refreshing fun for all ages and we do need to thank Casandra, Vanda, Noel and the others of the Youth Leaders National Executive for a well organised meet, Director of Sports Mr. Collin Anglin and the taxpayers in general for the use of the Complex, the hardworking Officials for the day from without as well as within the YLNE/Church, our (mainly young) brothers and sisters who undertook the journey from Jamaica, and all the other competitors, helpers and supporters.

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